Sending Diagnostics

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Loopy Pro: Sending Diagnostics

If you are having some kinds of problems using Loopy Pro (for instance, incoming MIDI Clock or audio interface issues), you may be asked to provide a diagnostic report. To do this:

1 - Go to the the Settings app and turn on Loopy Pro's Diagnostic Mode:

2 - Launch Loopy Pro and perform the actions that are causing a problem.

3 - Choose Help from Loopy Pro's main menu and tap in the area shown below to generate a diagnostics email. Type an explanation of the steps you performed. And tap the send button.

Additional Actions

Reporting Crashes. If there is a crash involved in your problem, see this page about reporting crashes.

Sysdagnose. In rare cases, you may be asked for an OS-generated SysDiagnose report. Instructions can be found here. These files can be quite large. You should wait till one is requested before creating it.