Sequencing Triggered Actions

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Actions - Sequencing Triggered Actions

Sometimes, you want to use the same trigger (a tap or MIDI message) to step through a series of actions.

Loopy Pro provides a few ways to do this.

  • A button widget or MIDI binding that makes use of the Next Trigger timing action.
  • A trigger that nudged a stepped dial or Radio Button group through a series of actions

The Next Trigger method is the simplest to setup but has the drawback that it can’t be reset part way through the trigger sequence. The other method takes a little longer to set up, but provides flexibility as you can reset at any time or have actions that trigger the steps in different orders.

Whichever method you use, I suggest using touch triggers even if you ultimately plan on using MIDI as it simplifies editing and testing the action sequence.

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Set up a button widget or MIDI binding with the actions that you want performed. Tap on the dot to the left of each action and choose Next Trigger. Each time the widget or binding is triggered, it will perform one action and proceed to the next action on the next trigger. After the last action is performed, the sequence starts from the beginning.

NUDGE METHOD (Stepped Dials and Radio Groups)

A stepped dial or radio button group can be set up with series of steps. A trigger widget action can then be set up to step through the steps using the Scroll/Nudge action. Each step can be made up of multiple actions that you want performed at the same time. Turn on the wrap around option if you want the sequence to cycle, or you can have the last step include a return to the first step.

To use this method with a stepped dial:

  • Create a step for each set of actions in your sequence. You may want to start with a first step that does nothing and is waiting for the first trigger.
  • Add the desired actions to each step.
  • (optional) Add a press action that nudges the dial one step.
  • (optional) Add a double-press action to reset the dial to the first step.

Once the dial is set up, you can set up a button or midi binding to nudge the dial when triggered. If you set up a press action for the dial that nudges the dial, you can MIDI Learn the dial press which is nice because it is quicker to set up than a dial nudge.

This video is a tutorial that walks through steps.