Synth Routing Switch

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Loopy Pro: Synth Routing Switch

An occasional question is how to use buttons or a dial to route a MIDI controller between different synths. This tutorial shows the approach I use.

In a nutshell:

  • Add your controller as a MIDI source
  • Add each synth you want to play to the mixer
  • Add each of those synths as destination for the controller
  • Create a Mute Synths button that mutes each of the synths that is a destination of the controller
  • Add a radio button group or stepped dial with one button or step per destination
  • Destination button or dial step, add an action to trigger the Mute Synths widget followed by an action to unmute the desired destination.

Note that the muted synths will use no CPU. Only the active synth will use your device's processing power


Mixer Setup

Mixer Setup

Mute Synths Button Setup - Add all the synths you want to switch between.

Set the mute actions to happen at the same time by tapping on the dot to the left of the action and choosing the "with last" option.

For each radio button, give the button or step a name and use the following actions. Note that the action labeled press is a trigger widget action that targets the Mute All/Mute Synths button created earloer

Make sure the unmute action is set to happen after the Mute All action.

Mute Button Hidden

For a "clean" look, the Mute Synths button can be put on a different page. Here are two variants with a "hidden" Mute Synths button.