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Loopy Pro: Templates

Templates are projects that can be used as stationery. When you create a new project, your template is used if there is only one template. If there is more than one template, you are presented with a list of available templates.

A project is made a template by tapping the star in the project save panel.

When a new project is started from a template, a copy of the original project is made and given a new name.

Make a project a template by tapping the star icon in the project save panel.

To remove a a project from the templates list, tap on the template star.

Using Loopy's default template instead of your own. If you have only marked one project as a template, all new projects automatically are built from that template. If you want to use Loopy Pro's default project instead of your template, long-press New Project in the project browser. It will let you choose the built-in Default factory project template.