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This page covers tips for troubleshooting Loopy Pro. If you have not checked Loopy Pro's manual, you may want to start by taking a look at the Loopy Pro Manual a link to it is found in Loopy Pro's Help menu.

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No Audio Input or Output

See Troubleshooting Audio Problems

Audio Levels Of Recorded Tracks Seems Too Loud

If you are running Loopy Standalone and using your device's built-in mic and tracks play back much louder than you expect, take a look at the Echo Cancellation settings. Echo cancellation is a handy feature for using the built-in mic and speakers without wearing headphones. It has the side effect of boosting the gain to account for a bug in Apple's Measurement Mode which is used for Echo Cancellation.

To turn off Echo Cancellation, tap on the mic icon in the mixer to see the input options and turn off Echo Cancellation. If you don't plan on using the mic, you might even want to delete that channel from the mixer.

MIDI Pedal/Learn/Controller Troubleshooting

see: MIDI Troubleshooting

MIDI Controlled Effects Not Responding

If you have an AUv3 such as a sampler that responds to MIDI and which is not responding, you may need to turn off idling for that effect. Normally, Loopy puts effects that aren't receiving any audio input to sleep in order to free up CPU. This is called idling. To turn off idling, open the AUv3 window. Long-press on the label that says On, Off, or Idle and turn off Enable Idle Mode in the panel that pops up.

Loop Beginning Truncated or "Muted" or "Blurred"

Loopy Pro's default settings generally result in click-free loops. If your recordings have sharp transients at the very beginning of the loop, this can result in the transient being blurred. There are a few settings to look at. These can be changed at the global, color, or individual loop level.

  • Loop Boundary Crossfade - crossfades the loop beginning and end to eliminate clicks. The default setting is 50 ms. The minimum setting is 0.
  • Fade In / Fade Out - the default setting is Microfade. The minimum setting is Hard Zero.

Set all three of these settings (Loop Boundary Crossfade, Fade In, and Fade Out) to 0 and Hard Zero. If the loop beginning is correct, use these settings.

Check to see if an action is causing a fade in. If after setting those to 0, the beginning is truncated make sure that there are no actions involved in the recording process that might cause a slight fade. The unmute action has a very short fade in to reduce clicks. (NOTE: almost all digital mixers have very short-scale fade in otherwise muting and unmuting would be very prone to clicks).

Sync issues. If you are recording something that is MIDI-synced, there may be a slight offset. In the synchronization settings for Loopy Pro, select your device and see if changing the offset solves the problem. Try both negative and positive offsets.