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Where can I get help?

How to help fix bugs to make Loopy Pro better and more resilient? Before posting a new thread in discord #support, please make sure you are using the latest stable version of Loopy Pro. Ideally, attach your project file. With your help, Loopy Pro will become better and more stable for everyone. Send crash log: Alternately contact [email protected] If you are able to reproduce the bug, please share screenshots and screen videos (YouTube) explaining all the details plus:

  • Does the problem still occur after rebooting iPad/iPhone and Loopy Pro?
  • What device and what OS version are you using? Please update both to the latest stable version.
  • Are any AUv3 plugins affected? If yes, which ones?
  • If related: what audio interface and MIDI controller do you use?

Where can I add my feature requests?

Recommended when running Loopy Pro on iPad/iPhone Siri could cause problems. It's best to turn it off. For better performance, turn Wifi off or switch to airplane mode.

My audio interface / MIDI controller is often not identified or the connection is not stable. Audio and MIDI Troubleshooting tips can be found Troubleshooting here. To avoid dropouts, make sure that your audio interface has sufficient power. If your audio interface has a separate DC connector, use it. The same goes for your MIDI controllers. Active USB hubs are more stable. Passive USB hubs often cannot supply some audio interfaces and MIDI controllers with sufficient power – a very common problem. Make sure your audio interface officially works with iOS/iPadOS and if available switch to “Class Compliant” mode. If you're using a USB hub, make sure it has adequate power – if it has a separate DC power port or USB-C PD, use it. If you're using USB-C PD, make sure your power source provides enough watts for your iPad, USB hub, and all connected devices. If your wall charger or powerbank has multiple ports with different power, choose the port with higher power. 100 watts has proven to be stable. If the iPad discharges or does not charge while using a USB hub, then their power source is not supplying enough watts. For USB-C PD, please use a Thunderbolt 3 or 4 cable. Make sure you use high-quality cables only. USB cables that are too long can also be problematic. There are dozens of USB standards and each manufacturer unfortunately uses their own proprietary solutions. Therefore, make sure that you only use the official and original USB-C cable of your USB hub. If you use brand X USB-C cables and brand Y USB hubs, then it may lead to incompatibility. This is one of the most common problems.

Which USB hubs have already proven themselves for Loopy Pro? There are huge differences in quality for USB hubs and users have tried quite a few different hubs and reported many problems. To avoid bad purchases and have a stable live set, we recommend the following models for stability and reliability:

  • Uni Union Pro + and other models of this brand
  • UNISYNK 12 Port Dual Display USB-C Hub 8KPRO and other models of this brand (currently only available for purchase in the Scandinavian countries)

See also the Loopy Pro Gear Directory.

Any recommendations for professional usage? Never touch a running system. Updates can cause unforeseen problems that often cannot be fixed in time. Before you go on stage: it's best to disable internet and updates for the operating system, Loopy Pro, and plugins. For professional use on stage, it is recommended to have at least a second device for experiments and updates. Regularly backup your project files externally – you can use AirDrop to quickly send backups to your iPhone/iPad/MacOS. Don't forget to backup all your plugin presets and Loopy Pro global profile files.

Does Loopy Pro handle multi-out AUv3? Not at this time.

Is the AUv3 version of Loopy Pro multi-output or multi-input? Yes, it is.

What settings are needed for my Bluetooth headphones to work? You might need to turn off echo cancellation to enable the Bluetooth option to appear. Open the mixer, then tap the icon for the microphone input, and turn off Echo Cancellation. Then you should be able to connect to your headphones.

How do I control Loopy Pro with my MIDI controller? Ensure your MIDI controller is connected and recognized by your iPad. In Loopy Pro, go to the MIDI settings, and use MIDI Learn to assign your controller's buttons, knobs, or pads to Loopy Pro functions. Detailed guidance can be found here.

Why does my microphone sound metallic when connected to Loopy Pro? If your mic sounds metallic, ensure you are not monitoring the signal both directly through your audio interface and through Loopy Pro, which can cause phase issues. Disable direct monitoring on your interface or within Loopy Pro. Also, check your cables and connections to ensure everything is secure and functioning correctly.

Can I use Loopy Pro as a control surface for other apps and devices? Yes, you can. Loopy Pro can send MIDI to control other apps and devices. You can set this up in the MIDI settings by defining the MIDI output channels and messages to be sent from Loopy Pro to your desired devices or software.

How do I fix issues with record quantization and syncing loops? Ensure your global clip settings are consistent. Set record count-in/out to match your project needs. Use the master length setting to keep loops in sync. If issues persist, start with basic settings and gradually introduce more complex configurations, testing each step to ensure syncing works correctly.

What AUv3 plugins work well with Loopy Pro? Most AUv3 plugins should work well with Loopy Pro. Users have reported success with plugins like FabFilter, Sunrizer, Poison-202, Zeeon, and BYOD for various tasks, from EQ and compression to synths and guitar effects. If a plugin does not show presets or does not function as expected, ensure it is updated and consult the plugin's documentation or support for specific issues.

Why does my Loopy Pro crash when using certain apps like Jamzone? Ensure you are using the latest version of Loopy Pro and the app in question. If crashes persist, try using the app as an AUv3 plugin rather than standalone if possible. Collect crash logs and contact the developer for further assistance. For detailed crash report instructions, refer to the manual.

What iPad model should I use for optimal performance with Loopy Pro? While Loopy Pro works on many iPad models, using newer models with more RAM and better processors will provide a smoother experience. The iPad Air (4th Gen and up) and iPad Pro (2nd Gen and up) are recommended for more demanding tasks. Ensure your iPad has sufficient storage and consider using external storage for larger projects.